Hudson Bay Co.


When we were approached by the Hudson Bay Co. about carrying their blankets in our store we couldn't resist the opportunity: these blankets have been filling General Store shelves in this country for over 200 years - we're proud to be a part of that heritage. 

The Hudson Bay Point Blanket is a Canadian Icon - as early as 1780 Europeans were trading these wool blankets for furs, pelts and pemmican hunted by the First Nations. The First Nations appreciated the wool blankets for their incredible warmth in all weather conditions -  they were also a cinch to sew when compared with tough caribou hide. 

Each Hudson Bay Blanket is still woven in England using thick pure wool: the Bay Point Blankets come with points stitched in to one side of the blanket -  These points represent the size and weight of the blanket: our queen sized blankets have six points. 
Choose between the traditional Multi-Colour version or the Monochromatic version. If the Bay Points are too large for you we also have a nice selection of fringed throws that are great for everyday use. 
No matter what you choose, you'll be guaranteed an heirloom piece - this Canadian quintessential has kept our country cozy for centuries and will easily keep generations warm for years to come. Available in-store and online while supplies last. 


Intro Image Courtesy of Jennilee Marigomen.

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