Wilder Quarterly Fall Issue

The Fall Issue of Wilder Quarterly arrived yesterday and it's a beauty! A publication for people enthralled by the natural world, Wilder Quarterly seeks out both experts and amateurs from a vast range of disciplines to bring forth issues chalk full of interesting stories, smart ideas and innovations.  

Life slows down during the Autumn months: the retreating of the sun and the baring of coloured trees begs for thoughtful reflection regarding the passage of time. Wilder's latest issue harkens to that with a focus on the harvest of Summer's Bounty. Great articles appear within from Finnish mushroom foragers to smart seed saving and Mexico Citiy's famed Butterfly Biosphere. As always, the accompanying photographs are stunning - some of our favourites appear from a recent Old Faithful Shop collaborator Brian Ferry

Now available both in-store and online. Enjoy a few photos from the latest issue below:


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